Neurotoxins and Fillers

Neurotoxins-The most widely sought after cosmetic procedure with over 6.1 million patients treated. Quickly removes any deep lines on the facial area, particularly the forehead, crows feet, laughter lines and furrows between the eyebrows.

Botox® Dysport® Xeomin®

An FDA-approved injection that is used for relaxing muscles of expression, soften forehead lines, and smoothing furrows and frown lines. The injection inhibits muscle movement and temporarily blocks nerve signals to the muscles that cause wrinkles and lines.

Fillers - Before and After

Fillers – Before and After

Facial Fillers

Consultation with Deanna Roecker, PAC is advised to determine best treatment option for you.

  • enhance lip volume
  • revitalize facial contour with “liquid face lift”
  • airbrush and remove fine lines and wrinkles
  • awaken tired-looking eyes

Juvederm XC, Juvederm Voluma XC, Restylane, Perlane, Artefill, Sculptra, Radiesse, Belotero

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